The Fearlessly Free Podcast Episode 2

Welcome to Episode 2 of Fearlessly Free! We are so excited about this conversation with Mark and Kelly Raudenbush from The Sparrow Fund. Our connection to Mark and Kelly is a really fun story.

We met Kelly through Cassie’s Etsy shop Blush Design Co. Kelly loved our “adventure awaits” globe and reached out to us for a donation for their couples retreat Together Called. Cassie ended up chatting with Kelly about their organization and the different ways they support adoptive families. We have always had a heart for adoption and loved Mark and Kelly’s mission with The Sparrow Fund so when the opportunity arose to be part of their team travelling to China to serve in an orphanage we jumped at the opportunity.


Shortly after we committed to teaching an art class for this orphanage trip, we found out that Cassie was pregnant. She would be around 27 weeks when we were scheduled to fly out of the country so we really prayed and talked to the doctor about the possibility of travelling that far along. We decided that she would still go as long as no complications arose in the pregnancy, and Kelly scheduled a back-up team member to serve in China just in case.


The pregnancy was really smooth at this point so Cassie was able to go! We absolutely fell in love with the people on our team and all the amazing people we met from children, to nannies in the orphanage, to our amazing guides that helped us navigate the country and order food. We got to know Mark and Kelly and The Sparrow Fund a little better and we continue to support them through a percentage of our revenue through Philip Marie to this day.

In this episode we talk about what led Mark and Kelly start The Sparrow Fund and how they were able to do so with 4 kids and a full time job. They give tons of tips on the importance of relationship, connection and community as well as tips for starting and growing a business and non-profit venture. We hope you enjoy their beautiful story as much as we do.

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