The Journey of an Entrepreneurial Couple- Lessons from Moana: Part 1

Part 1- We First Hear the Call


Read with the Moana soundtrack playing softly in the background for effect. 


When I was watching Moana for the millionth time I began noticing several parallels from Moana’s journey to that of any entrepreneur. A lesson can be found through every twist and turn and it holds true from beginning to end. We're going to walk through her whole story together, highlighting the parts that spoke to me and hold the strongest truths.


It starts immediately when baby Moana first hears the call of the Sea. She can’t resist the curiosity and chases after it. When she reaches the shore she begins to interact, and she does it well. She helps a baby Sea Turtle to the water, and follows the shells further in as the Ocean moves around her. She has a natural gift.


The same is true for you. As entrepreneurs we tend to be heavily focused on our calling. How do we show up, solve problems, and be of the greatest service to the world. We also often struggle with clarity, is this really what I am supposed to be doing? Our desires, passions, and natural skills first show up when we are children. It’s in our spirits before the world has a chance to shape what we become.



As Moana grows her parents pull her away from the Sea. She has a job to do; she will be the next leader of her people. She must learn and grow, build a solid foundation, become a well-rounded person, etc. These are not bad objectives, her parents know what is safe and secure and they want to help her create the best life and village possible. She wants that too, she wants to make her people proud.


I’m willing to bet the same was true for you. As we grow older we discover entrepreneurship as an option. We are called to the freedom, as we have been our whole life. Those passions and desires are still in our heart and we see there’s a way to facilitate that on our own. 


However, there are often guiding forces in our lives that steer us away from the desires and passions of our heart. Someone along the way will tell us that building our own business is too risky. We want to build a family and become successful, go to college, graduate, get a job, and move up the ranks. We’re told it’s the best way. It’s okay to learn and grown the traditional way, but sometimes we forget our calling and desires through the process.


Instead of searching the world for our calling, we need to dive deeper within. Go back to your past. When did you first feel the desire for freedom and flexibility? What did you love as a child? What were you naturally good at? Does that have to do with where you are now? Let us know in the comments!


Stay tuned for part 2!

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