PCE Network

"Every successful Individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together."

-Paul Ryan


When PJ and I really made the commitment and intention to dive into the world of entrepreneurship, personal growth, and building a business and life together as a husband and wife team, it unexpectedly sent us into a deep period of isolation. We were focused on ourselves and learning things that weren't really discussed in our current circles. You see, we have a serious passion and desire to live a deep life full of meaning and purpose and we had no idea how to make that happen, or how to articulate that desire to our friends and acquaintances. We were actually starving so much for people to relate to that we moved back home to live closer to my family. They weren't entrepreneurs, but they are the most loving and supportive people in our lives (on both sides) and they were the closest meaningful connections we had. 

We tried to make friends in our new city, but we still found it incredibly difficult to relate to people that were living normal, every day lives. There is NOTHING wrong with living a traditional life, it just wasn't the kind of life we were craving. We really wanted friends like us, friends that were searching for more. 


"Staying in community has been a huge, huge blessing to Mark and I. We couldn't even have this conversation without mentioning that we have a team of other faithful married couples that are around us, supporting us, and cheering us on. They are the ones that encourage us and send us texts to tell us we're great when we need it."

-Kelly Raudenbush (The Sparrow Fund) Episode 2 of the Fearlessly Free Podcast

 Power Couple Community

People are starving for authentic community. We know that couples like us have HUGE out of this world dreams, and there is a massive lack of support from people in their current circles to achieve those dreams. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely road, traveling that road with your partner is a huge advantage, but we have found that it is difficult to find other friends to connect with on a similar level. Success and happiness are largely connected to your relationships. We were not meant to travel this journey alone, and now we don't have to. We will facilitate a space for couples who want to live a big, outrageous, out of this world life to connect with each other, and learn and grow into the absolute best versions of themselves TOGETHER. 

We want to see Friendships Form, Businesses Grow, and Marriages Flourish. 


Power Couple Entrepreneur Network Core Values:







We want this group to be a place full of honest and authentic conversations. We want to provide an environment surrounded by love and help together by relationships. We want to focus our energy on growing and developing TOGETHER and make healthy adaptations as we learn and change. We want to see friendships form, businesses grow, and marriages flourish. 

 This Network is for YOU if:

-You run a business with your S/O

-You plan on bringing your S/O into your business full time in the future

-You dream of starting a business with your S/O

-You and your partner own separate businesses but still talk about business and growth together all the time

-You and you S/O have been feeling isolated and want a community of people you relate to

-You love having friends and a support system that "get" you

-You love encouraging and cheering on other people in their business

-You have massive dreams for your business and your life and want to walk in your purpose as a couple

-You love adventure and taking risks

-You want to grow your business, friendships, and relationship together. 



The Power Couple Entrepreneur Network is just that, a network of power couples coming together to be in community with each other. This is a support network for entrepreneurs that own a business with their spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/significant other.

The PCE Network is hosted on Slack and Zoom, and will include in person retreats and local meet-ups. 

In The Network you will receive: 

- A directory of every couple in the group along with their business and what they specialize in. 

- Threads in slack on a variety of subjects related to entrepreneurship and building a business with your significant other. Subjects will include blogging, product based business tips, podcasting, marketing, sales, money mindset, wellness, relationships, and much more.

- Access to sign up for "Hot Seat" live interviews in our free Facebook group to chat about your life and business and how you balance it all.

- Call slots available with Cassie and PJ each month to chat about your business, brainstorm, and see if we can help you move your business forward.

- Group brainstorming sessions and co-working opportunities with different subjects hosted on Zoom.

- Book studies hosted on zoom with discussions on slack

- Free resources for business and marriage

- The choice to attend local meet-ups

- Discounts on retreats (first retreat coming Fall of 2018) 

- An amazing network of entrepreneurs in all levels of their business to support you, cheer you on, and just BE YOUR FRIEND. 



How Does it Work?

As soon as you sign up, you will be charged your first monthly membership fee. Then you will be charged again on the same day next month. This will continue for the duration of your membership. 

We will send you an on boarding email within 24 hours to help you get set up on slack, make sure you have Zoom downloaded on one of your devices (although this is not necessary, you can always join zoom meetings from your phone), and give you the rundown of the network and some of the best ways to connect with other couples. 

All other communications will be made through slack, but we will communicate via email if necessary. 

Although we offer a ton of features with this network, it doesn't require a huge time commitment. You will get out as much as you put in to these relationships, we are simply providing opportunities for you to connect. 

You can cancel your membership at any time if you feel you no longer want the amazing benefits and connections from this tight knit community. 

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Cassie or PJ on Facebook or Instagram or by emailing cassieupton@blushdesignco.com.